Family Health Center of Montclair
48-50 Fairfield Street ¤ Montclair, NJ ¤ 07042 ¤ 973 744 8511
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About the Practice

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the office hours?

    We see patients by appointment between the following times:
    Monday 7:30-5 Thursday 8-7
    Tuesday 7:30-7 Friday 9-5
    Wednesday 8-7 Saturday 9-12

    We are staffed to handle phone calls after 9 am. Before then, and at the end of the day, calls are routed to our automated answering service. However, if the office is open, the answering service will give you the option to directly reach the office staff. Please use that option only if you need to reach us immediately. For other matters, please call after 9 am or leave a message.

    Outside of office hours, the automated answering service enables you to reach one of our doctors for urgent telephone consultations.

  2. What insurances do you accept?

    We accept the following insurances: Aetna, Cigna, Oxford, Horizon, UnitedHealthNet, Multiplan, Qualcare, PHCS, and Medicare. We are unable to accept Medicaid or Medicaid HMOs.

  3. What is the office contact information?
    How can I make an appointment?

    Our phone number is 973-744-8511, our address is 48 Fairfield Street, Montclair, NJ 07042, and our fax number is 973-744-6356. We also have an online communication service. To schedule an appointment, call us.

  4. How do I get to your office?

    To get directions to our office, check the Directions portion of our website.

  5. How far in advance do I have to call to book an appointment?

    We leave a large number of appointments open each day for people who call in the morning. For routine follow-up appointments, it depends on the availability of the requested doctor or the time requested. Evening appointments are in high demand and so should be requested farther in advance. We aim to accomodate routine checkups within 4-6 weeks, follow-up appointments within a week, and urgent appointments the same day. For true emergencies such as trauma or a suspected heart attack, please go directly to your nearest hospital emergency room.

  6. Who are the doctors at the practice?
    What are their practice experiences and qualifications?
    Do the doctors have any specialties?
    What is Family Medicine?

    To find out more about our doctors and about what Family Medicine is, see the About the Practice section of our website.

  7. How can I contact a physician directly?

    You can call us and ask for a message to be left. Or you can use our online communication service.

  8. I am a new patient, what forms will I need to fill out?

    Please print and complete our Patient Registration form before arriving for your appointment. You will also be asked to sign copies of our Financial Policy and acknowledge receiving our HIPAA Privacy Notice before seeing the doctor. (These documents are in PDF format. If you cannot it open them, download Acrobat Reader from Adobe).

  9. What is the best way to obtain my test results?

    There are two options. You can call us and leave a message requesting your results - please leave both day and evening contact numbers, since we often make these calls at the end of the day. Or, you can request your test results through our online communication service.

  10. How can I get paper copies of my medical records?

    You will need to complete a form we can supply on request. There is no charge for copies sent directly to another doctor. If you want a copy for your own records, there is a charge of $10 per request plus $1 per page.

  11. What are your procedures for filling out medical forms?

    If you need a form completed (working papers, camp forms, etc.) please allow a few days. There is a $20 charge for forms not completed at the time of a visit. If the form is more than a page or two or is especially complicated, there may be an extra charge. Please note that some forms require an office visit in order to be completed. You can save time by looking at the form. Some require a visit "within one month," some "within two years," etc. For a medical clearance for surgery, usually a visit is required within a few weeks of the surgery date.

  12. What is the process for getting a refill of a medication?

    Please check your medication bottle, which should say if you have refills available. If so, your pharmacy is already authorized to give you a refill and should be called directly.

    If you are out of refills, ask your pharmacy to send us an electronic request, as this will provide the information we need.

    Normally the doctors prescribe enough pills to last you until another visit may be needed. In general: For patients on lipid lowering medication, we recommend blood tests after the first six weeks, then every six months. For thyroid medication, once the condition is stable, we check annually. For high blood pressure, once stable, we recommend office visits every 6 months. For birth control pills, an annual visit is necessary.

    We know that busy schedules mean that you can't always get into the office for a visit at exact intervals. Most of the time we are happy to order another month of medication to give you time to schedule a visit. We do not want you to run out of your medication; certainly we can't assess how a medication is working if you have run out.

  13. Why did I get a bill?

    We have contracts with a variety of insurance companies in order to be available to serve our patients, and these companies have a variety of rules about payments and covered services. With the rising costs of medical care, copays, deductibles, and services that are not covered by insurance plans have all also risen.

    If you receive a bill from us, do not assume that it is being covered by the insurance company. It usually means either that you are responsible for a portion of the fees related to your service, or there is an issue that needs to be resolved with the insurance company. For example, there may have been a misunderstanding about what services are covered, or an issue of duplicate coverage, or mistake in your insurance information as we have it on file. In the last case, we do not have special access to insurance information outside of what is provided by patients, so please make sure that you provide us with up-to-date insurance information whenever necessary.

  14. Why is there so often a wait in the office?

    Our doctors are trying to serve a lot of patients, each with individual needs, as well as performing other office duties. In order to provide the level of personal service that we pride ourselves on, sometimes our doctors take longer than scheduled with patients. However, to minimize any possible delays, we do ask that you come on time for your appointment. If patients arrive in a timely manner it helps us maintain the balance between personalized, individual service and efficient operation.

  15. How can I ask a question that isn't on this list?

    Contact us securely online through the RelayHealth service, or call the office at 973-744-8511.